Plant Disease and Management

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Agriculture conference focusses on Plant Disease Management. Plant diseases have caused severe losses to humans in several ways. The goal of plant disease management is to reduce the economic and aesthetic damage caused by plant diseases. All plant diseases result from a three-way interaction between the host, the pathogen and the environment. An epidemic develops if all three of these factors are favorable to disease development. Therefore, disease can be controlled by manipulating one or more of these factors so that conditions are unsuitable for replication, survival or infection by the pathogen. Plant disease management includes cultural practices that help avoid the potential for infection. Plant disease management is achieved by incorporating a chemical control agent into the physiological processes of the plant to reverse the progress of disease development after infection has occurred. Use of this principle is limited by the relatively small number of systemic materials available.

·         Eradication

·         Disease management

·         Plant genome sciences

·         Weed science

·         Genetic engineering

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