Pesticides and Fertilizers

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Agricultural conference focuses on Pesticides and Fertilizers which has the capability to enhance the plant growth when applied in required amounts. When over-applied, fertilizers can increase insect and disease problems. Amendment of soil with fertilizers and pesticides strongly influences a range of soil functions and properties. They are classified according to whether they provide a single nutrient (e.g., K, P, or N), in which case they are classified as "straight fertilizers." "Multinutrient fertilizers" (or "complex fertilizers") provide two or more nutrients, for example N and P. Using pesticides reduces the amount of time required to manually remove weeds and pests from fields. Agriculture conference provides an opportunity to explore the current strategies in the field of Pesticides and fertilizers.

·         Soil management

·         Disease control

·         Crop rotation

·         Renewable resources

·         Plant growth regulation 

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