Edible Landscaping

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Edible landscaping is a practical integration of edible plants in decorative or decorative environments. The same design principle as the view for landscaping is used, and for other unproductive plant materials, edible plants such as lettuce, blueberries, vegetables, fruit trees etc are used. Using food in the landscape design can strengthen the garden by providing unique decorative components with additional health, aesthetic and economic benefits. Edible landscaping has a mixture of beauty and practicality. However, edible landscaping is not necessarily edible. . In fact, filling the yard with edibles would often produce too much food for most families, not to mention time and work.  Instead, prudent planning and wise use of fruits, herbs, vegetables brings a practical and visually pleasing garden. Edible scenery is the only form of gardening that truly fosters all senses.

·         Shifting Cultivation

·         Bonsai cultivation

·         Landscape restoration

·         Seed technology

·         Arboriculture

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