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Agriculture conference focusses on Agroforestry. Agroforestry is a sustainable land use system that maintains or increases total yield by alternately or simultaneously combining edible crops (annual) and tree crops (perennials) and / or livestock of the same land unit. It meets the social and cultural characteristics of local people, and the economic and ecological conditions of the area. It may include existing forests and forests established by landholders. Scientifically speaking, agroforestry comes from ecology and is one of three major land use sciences, the other two are agriculture and forestry. Agrisilvicultural systems are a combination of crops and trees, such as alley cropping or home gardens. Silvopastoral systems combine forestry and grazing of domesticated animals on pastures, rangelands or on-farm. The combination of both Agrisilvicultural and Silvopastoral system is agrosylvopastoral systems. Agroforestry increases total crop yield by combining food crops with tree crops on the same unit of land.

·         Bioremediation

·         Soil fertility

·         Medicinal plants

·         Food security

·         Intercropping

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